Thursday, 27 June 2013


It is the end of June. 3 months of our time in Ciclic is over and we enter the second half. We have now 6 minutes of the animation which is great news! The weather is finally getting warm, less rain, more sun so we can each lunch outside in the garden with wonderful friends who are also making a short film here in Ciclic, they are Sarolta Szabo and Tibor Banoczki (directors of "Les Conquérants
Here you can see a very short scene of a race between Vida and Sareh :)


  1. Good luck dear friend, the shot looks pretty good
    I wish I see the completed short soon

    keep going, but do not abuse your body
    eat well and rest enough.

  2. How lovely! I love it :) keep up the great work.

  3. thank you guys for encouraging me! good luck to you too :)
    Faez, "Resting" is not an option at this stage of the work, not even when we seem to be sleeping!