Sunday, 10 November 2013

Compositing starts!

Last week we finished exporting the shadows and Jean did all the added backgrounds. This weekend I am trying to export all scenes for compositing that will start tuesday (in two days). finally we'll be able to see all animation, coulor, textures and shadows together! we're going to have 3 weeks for compositing.
I have spent six weeks now in Folimage for the post production. It has been extremely tough, in every which way you could imagine. but I am still alive and well! what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

sunday rainy evening in folimage

have a great one everyone :)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Coloring finished!

Unbelievable but true! we managed to color 12 minutes of animation in 4 weeks. The coloring was done in TV Paint (like the animation) and we used the wonderful plugin "lazy brush" for the flat colors and then did the contours by hand.This second part was a lot of work. though it seemed impossible, it is finally over thanks to Marjorie, Lizete and Benoit, who worked with me and wonderfull freinds Andrew, Emilie, Louise and Armelle who volunteered to help me on weekends and late evenings.
yesterday I discovered that the latest TV Paint has an automatic option to colour lines according to the color of the shape. don't know what to think because that would've saved me a great deal of time and sleepless nights! but it's too late now. I try not to think about it...
oh well, I gotta get back to the last retouches.
have a great weekend everyone!