Wednesday, 18 December 2013

End of Post Production

I still have 2 days of mixing the sounds, and it will be done! Lionel at Vega Prod is the sound engineer and he is doing a great job, I am also very happy with the music. I will just have to work on subtitles during the Christmas holidays. Camille from Sacrebleu is assisting me on the subtitles and the whole post-production. She has done a brilliant job, same as Aubane. Thank you  Sacrebleu team, you are the best!
It is unbelievable, after 2 years of working on this project,  I will finally finish  making Beach Flags by the end of this weak...

Le Ciné-Concert

Our musique residency ended with the Ciné-Concert on friday night which went magnificently well, followed by a delicious persian buffet. We all had such a great time in La Chaise Dieu. Thanks to La communauté de la commune de La Chaise Dieu and Claire Monteillard who made this possible.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

La Chaise Dieu

After two days of Bruitage and Sound editing in Paris, now we are in in a small town in Auvergne, “La Chaise Dieu” for a music residency. Yan Volsy the composer and his group of musicians have travelled from Paris to here and another group of musicians from the conservatoir de puy en velay are also now here. My sister Mariam sings a song that she has written herself. These past two days repeating in the auditorium has been so exciting that I haven’t felt the time go by. Tomorrow we are going to have a Ciné-Concert! here are some pictures of the recordings and preparations before the concert.

As I must have mentioned before, my short film « Beach Flags » is produced by Sacrebleu productions in Paris. But we have a little co production with Folimage as well. And thanks to many regional bourses, I have had the chance to work in many places for my film. I have had a long journey around France for about one whole year. From Abbaye de Fontevraud in the north for script writing in October last year,  Chateau Renault for animation, Valence for post production, to Chaise dieu in Auvergne for a music residency with a ciné-concert for the film’s music this month. It has been a very rich experience but at times a bit challenging.
When you have to change your living conditions according to your work, the project becomes your life somehow, and then you can't even stop from going to work even at night in your dreams.
Last night I had a very strange and scary one, especially for a claustrophobic like me. I walked into a huge building and I wanted to go towards the room where I usually worked, but I couldn't find it. People were at their desks working or passing by in the hallways, some people around the coffee machine were laughing. It reminded me of Minjun's paintings. I kept saying “Bonjour” or “Salut’, but if they ever looked my way, it would be as if they were looking through me and then I realized that I was invisible. As I was passing through labyrinths and feeling lost, the ceilings started to become very low, so I had to bend and finally I could not move. This feeling scared me to an extent that you can only feel in dreams, I mean much exaggerated.
Certainly that nightmare must be the effect of work stress; otherwise where I work is a very welcoming and friendly place with very high ceilings!

Well, I have finished composting and montage in Folimage. I am off to Paris for editing the sound :)