Thursday, 14 March 2013

Recording the voices

As we will soon start animating, the voices need to be recorded now for lip-synching. We'll be 6 for about 10 voices! I'm counting on the actors to try different characters with different voices/or ways of speaking. The spoken language of the film is Farsi/ Persian so I had to find Iranian actors. It wasn't that easy to do that here is France, or I didn't know that many people, but finally I was lucky to find 4 really good actresses.We'll record tomorrow in Paris and I'll see three of the actresses for the first time! I am in Valence so we've practiced the dialogues over the phone up until now. In the beginning I thought this is strange, but then, I thought practicing over the telephone wasn't such a bad idea after all... you only have the voice so you listen better I think :) let's hope everything goes well tomorrow as we only have 2 hours in the studio!

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